Computer Labs

At CIT we always try to keep the pace with the latest developments of science and technology. This is achieved not only by investing to get the latest and the best hardware equipment, but also by trying to install and maintain the latest systems and applications. CIT has 4 Computer Labs on the 1-st floor that are used for teaching and can be used by students for homeworks. Each of them has computers with at least 4GB – 8GB RAM and 500GB disk drives, running the latest version of Edubuntu (Linux) and Windows 10, which are licensed.

Each staff and student is provided with an email account on the domain of the university (cit.edu.al), that can be used to facilitate communication and coordination. 

Contact: it@cit.edu.al


Classrooms are the heart of an University. It is the place where ideas are exchanged and students work towards their goals. Canadian Institute of Technology has 6 classrooms, 5 classrooms on the second floor and a quite bigger classroom on the first floor in order to accommodate our students and professors during their lecture and seminar hours.  All of our classrooms are equipped with a whiteboard and projector.


The auditorium is one of the most important facilities at Canadian Institute of Technology. It is where our students learn, compete, celebrate, and more. The auditorium has all the latest technologies and tools needed for presentations and events. The auditorium is used for teaching lectures, delivering trainings, holding events, holding competitions such as hackathons and more.

Visit us!

Explore our facilities in person. CIT is located in the heart of Albania!
Visit our campus at 
“Porcelan, St. Xhanfize Keko No. 12 (Complex Xhura, near TV Klan)
Tirana – Albania”