Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Vision, Mission And Essential Purpose Of The Institute


University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” is dedicated to prepare students with skills based on quality education, values and ethics, critical and analytical thinking oriented towards problem solving, creativity, innovation and leadership, which they will use to shape their lives, careers and society at large.


University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” through the promotion of well-prepared curricula, teaching and research activities as well as the opening of new programs has as its mission the development of students’ individual skills and abilities, promotion of competition and improvement of education by appreciating and respecting cultural diversity and values of Albania.

"CIT" expresses its commitment towards this mission in line
with goals set below:

  • Provision of higher education and creative activity in the field of Engineering and Economy.
  • Development and advancement of knowledge through teaching and academic activities carried out within the country and abroad.
  • Training of young researchers in the theoretical evaluation areas of Engineering and Economy.
  • Expanding the professional and scientific qualifications of its graduates in the field of Engineering and Economy.
  • Conducting research – scientific activities to further develop applications and innovations in the field of Engineering and Economy.
  • Providing better higher education opportunities and lifelong learning skills. g) Contributing to support strategic priorities and developmental interests of the country.